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Published: 1238 GMT February 02, 2020

Iran to rebuild 30,000 houses in Syria

Iran to rebuild 30,000 houses in Syria

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh said on Sunday that Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding based on which Iranian private sector will rebuild 30,000 houses in different cities of Syria.

He said that three state companies are due to make coordination for executive works for reconstruction of Syria's buildings, transportation, roads and other development projects, IRNA reported.

Mahmoudzadeh added that Iran's public sector will make no investments in the plan.

Syrian Minister of Public Works and Housing Suhail Mohammad Abdul Latif said in November 2019 in Tehran that the priority for Damascus is to offer Syria’s rebuilding to friendly countries, foremost Iran.

“Our approach to rebuilding Syria is to prioritize Iranian friends,” he said.

“We are in Tehran today to establish practical grounds for cooperation between Iran and Syria in order to improve bilateral cooperation in the field of housing projects,” said Abdul Latif who visited Iran with a large delegation.

“Iran is a top priority in rebuilding Syria, following successes in liberating our territories from terrorists which came through the bravery of the Syrian army and support of our Iranian brothers,” he added.

European governments have declared that they will not bankroll reconstruction in Syria under the current administration. US and EU sanctions on Syria, meanwhile, prevent Western companies from investing in Syria’s recovery.

Hence, the Syrian government looks to friendly states such as Iran, Russia and China and its citizens living abroad to fund reconstruction.

In addition to providing loans, Iran has participated in Syria’s infrastructure projects, food production, and health services.

Currently, most goods exchanged between the two sides are not subject to taxes and customs tariffs under a free trade deal signed between them in 2012.

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