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Published: 0509 GMT July 12, 2020

Iran’s envoy in Moscow criticizes 'reversed' int’l justice establishment process

Iran’s envoy in Moscow criticizes 'reversed' int’l justice establishment process

Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali in a series of tweeted messages slammed the UN nuclear watchdog’s Board of Governors latest resolution adopted under US pressure against Iran and said seems that the process of establishing justice in the world has become reversed.

Jalali made the remarks on July 12 referring to the decision made by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against Iran despite Tehran’s commitments to the 2015 historic nuclear deal officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), IRNA reported.

The Vienna-based Agency passed the resolution in mid-June urging access to two Iranian sites. The resolution was put forward by European signatories of the nuclear deal (Britain, France and Germany), calling on Iran to help clarify whether alleged undeclared nuclear activities took place at the sites in the early 2000s.

Iran said the IAEA's demands for access were based on allegations from Tehran’s archenemy Israel and had no legal basis.

Jalali said in his tweeted message that respecting international regulations as the basis for global interactions has always been focused by the international community.

“Founders of the UN used to have concerns with regard to standing up against the violation of law by its member-states, but now they are concerned about violations made by founders of the international body,” he added.

The US' measures to withdraw from international agreements like JCPOA, and recently WHO and Washington’s attempts to make the international community breach regulations and follow US unilateral and cruel sanctions against Iran would bring about instability and will escalate tensions, Jalali stressed.

He complained although Iran has been complying with its JCPOA commitments, it has recently witnessed ratification of the anti-Iran resolution at the IAEA Board of Governors.

The logical stance taken by Russia and China who voted against the resolution has indicated that they fully understood the existing sensitive condition, Jalali noted.

Stressing that it is Iran's utmost right to take advantage of the JCPOA's economic interests, the diplomat regretted that the country has not only been deprived of enjoying the JCPOA's advantages, but it has also even faced the US' illegal attempts.

Presently, he added, Iran has been even witnessing US’ attempts to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran despite the fact that it is to end in October based on UNSCR 2231.

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