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Published: 0238 GMT July 27, 2020

Iran files complaint to UNESCO against Turkey's bid to register Islamic calligraphy

Iran files complaint to UNESCO against Turkey's bid to register Islamic calligraphy

Iran presented its official objection to UNESCO about Turkey’s bid to register Islamic calligraphy on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the 2021 UNESCO Summit, said Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, the deputy minister for cultural heritage affairs.

As previously announced, Turkey did not propose a case in this regard, but recently it has submitted a dossier of Islamic calligraphy for 2021 to UNESCO, to which Iran has objected.

As previously stated, each country can register its own calligraphy as intangible cultural heritage, but the Islamic attribute refers to a wider geographical area than Turkey, and this is against the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2003, he said.

The title of Turkey's proposed dossier for calligraphy has an Islamic attribute, which has been officially objected to by Iran, because the Islamic nature cannot be limited to Turkey, regardless of the origin of Islamic calligraphy in Iran.

He stressed that Iran had earlier sent its calligraphy dossier to UNESCO for 2021.

Calligraphy has been registered by different countries before, for instance, China registered Chinese calligraphy in 2009 and the Arab countries also sent a file entitled Arabic calligraphy to UNESCO for 2021.

According to the provisions of the above convention, the registration of a cultural heritage does not create ownership, but our objection to the case of Islamic calligraphy is a technical problem, in the sense that the word ‘Islamic’ refers to a territory beyond Turkey, while this country cannot derive a benefit from this title for its own calligraphy.



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