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Published: 0740 GMT August 02, 2020

Influencer slammed for ridiculous job listing seeking a personal assistant

Influencer slammed for ridiculous job listing seeking a personal assistant
A job advert for an influencer's PA has left people shocked with a list of tasks which includes waking them up each morning with coffee, organizing their day, cooking, cleaning and being on call 24/7.

An influencer has been shamed online after their job advert for a personal assistant containing a ridiculous list of responsibilities left people saying they would "rather die" than take the role.

The anonymous advert states the 'lucky' successful candidate will be working for a 'large celebrity' with more than 10 million social media followers, before setting out the daunting expectations for the role, according to

It stated the personal assistant (PA) will work eight hour days on the property, but must also be on call 24/7, be able to 'remove emotion', be 'the bad guy' and handle 'hundreds of small tasks at once'.

Day-to-day tasks include waking up the influencer each morning with coffee and 'all other requests', planning and managing their calendar activities, cooking, cleaning, and — once the pandemic is over — be ready to travel 'anywhere at any time'.

To apply, you must have your own car and be ready to drive the 'large celebrity' wherever they need to be, while also packing and unpacking their belongings 'constantly' after travel.

Being able to 'compartmentalize emotion' and remain 'quiet at all times' is a must and working hours are flexible — but you should expect to be with the client 'all the time' in the 'part-time' role.

You'll be given minimum days off and in return for the staggering list of responsibilities you will be paid $25-$30 an hour.

The shocking advert from, was posted to Twitter by Taylor Lorenz where it racked up more than 11,000 likes.

One replied: "Like is the assistant moving in because it sounds like they never go home."

A second said: "I would rather die than do any of this for even one day."

Another commented: "This mentions being without emotion like five times — not a good sign."

Taylor later posted an update to say the job listing had been changed since going viral, with many of the tasks disappearing from the list of requirements.

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