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Published: 0306 GMT August 07, 2020

President hails journalists’ key role in fight against distortion

President hails journalists’ key role in fight against distortion

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said standing against distortion of the truth in the present world “is equal to sacrificing oneself for the country and is a good example of patriotism.”

“Today, Iran and the entire world need reporters who prefer truth above anything else and cast light on all complications, ambiguities and dark corners of our time,” Rouhani said in a message on Friday on the occasion of the National Reporter’s Day, IRNA reported.

The day marks martyrdom anniversary of the Iranian reporter Mahmoud Saremi who was killed by Taliban militia along with eight Iranian diplomats, in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif on August 8, 1998 (coinciding Mordad 17, 1377 in Iranian calendar year).

“Facing with the maximum pressure of sanctions and engaging in a relentless challenge with distortion, Iran needs a type of reporters today who can pull out the truth from beneath the heavy rubbles of distortion,” said the president.

He added that honoring reporters is not just honoring their career or proficiency, rather it is “to respect great values such as telling the truth and informing others.”

“In a world where faked news and distorted reports have targeted people’s hope and confidence, all we need more than ever is the truth and unbiased stories,” Rouhani stressed.

He further commemorated memories of the reporters who lost their lives due to coronavirus infection while covering reports during the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran.

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