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Published: 0117 GMT September 18, 2020

Ex-UK PM Cameron signals he wants Biden to beat Trump

Ex-UK PM Cameron signals he wants Biden to beat Trump

David Cameron has strongly indicated he thinks a Joe Biden win in the US election would be a good outcome for the UK and wider world, calling Donald Trump a block on international cooperation over pressing issues such as the climate emergency.

In a radio interview to promote the paperback edition of his memoir, the former prime minister also said he felt “big beasts” such as Jeremy Hunt should be in the UK cabinet, and obliquely chastised Boris Johnson for missing the first five emergency meetings about the coronavirus, the Guardian reported.

While Cameron stressed he was “not going to get involved in the US election”, he made his feelings plain about the outcome when asked who of Trump or Biden would be a better president for the UK.

“I think that on all the, as it were, international issues – you want to see global action on climate change; you want to see action to continue to deal with the scourge of global poverty; if you want to see a promotion of trade and anti-protectionism, it’s hard to argue that Donald Trump is good for those things,” he told Times Radio.

“I profoundly believe that we need that international cooperation to cope with these big problems, whether it’s terrorism, or climate change, or global poverty, or whatever. And an America that withdraws from those things makes it far more difficult to achieve anything. Whoever it is, we need engagement.”

There was a “kernel of truth” in some Trump views, such as some European nations not paying enough toward NATO, Cameron said, but he added, “I know Trump drives everyone mad, and he certainly drives me mad a lot of the time.”


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