Victims of Australia's catastrophic bushfires are still living in tents, garages and makeshift shelters months after the blazes ended, with efforts to rebuild their lives hampered by the coronavirus pandemic.
Bushfire-hit Australians still in tents as virus slows recovery
The Minneapolis police statement was short and sanitized. An allegation of forgery. A suspect who “appeared to be under the influence,” who “physically resisted officers” and who appeared to be “suffering medical distress.”
Bystander videos are policing US police by putting deaths on display
Even in a pandemic, there’s no slowdown for swindlers in Latin America.
Spread of coronavirus fuels corruption in Latin America
The FBI is investigating the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, a black jogger, by two white men as a possible hate crime, the Arbery family’s attorney said, claiming that federal authorities had launched a criminal inquiry into two district attorneys and the police department involved in the case.
FBI investigating Ahmaud Arbery shooting as possible hate crime: Lawyer
Long before the pandemic struck, they lived and worked in conditions that rights groups called exploitative — low wages, long hours, no labor law protections.
Lebanon’s migrant workers’ plight worsens as crises multiply
Rakhine state, a conflict-torn region in western Myanmar, finally reported the presence of COVID-19 as the country recorded nearly 200 cases late last week.
COVID-19 cases spark concern in Rohingya refugee camps
More than 100 prominent writers, including several top Asian-American authors, have called for an end to a surge in anti-Asian hostility in the US which they say has been “egged on” during the pandemic by the Trump administration’s pandering to racist tropes.
Over 100 writers call for an end to anti-Asian hostility in US
Dave Burrier steered his tractor through a field, following a GPS map as he tried to plant as much corn as possible amid the yellow and green rye covering the ground.
US farmers worry as crop prices dip
From crowded informal settlements to conservation areas teeming with wildlife, cottage industries have popped up around the globe producing and distributing face masks for frontline workers, taxi drivers, market sellers and more. Usually comprised of two fabric layers with a disposable filter, mask-making enterprises are stoking local economies and helping communities.
From Kenya to Bangladesh, mask-making has become a thriving cottage industry

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