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Bear breaks through window of parked vehicle to eat trash
The US Forest Service in California shared photos of a vehicle that was broken into and ransacked by an unusual burglary suspect — a hungry bear.
Bear opens front door, goes into house to look for pizza
Security cameras at a home in Ontario, Canada, were recording when a black bear walked in through the front door and foraged for pizza.
Man falls in 'love at first sight' with cute bear
Conservationist Giles Clark, 42, who features in Bears About the House on BBC2, has been rescuing Sun and Moon bears from the bear bile industry.
California woman hits bear with laptop after being attacked in her sleep
A Southern California teen had a rude awakening when an outdoor nap turned into a bear attack. She survived by fighting the bear off with her only weapon — a laptop.
Boy, 12, remains totally calm despite massive bear creeping up behind him
A 12-year-old boy in Italy had a close encounter with a rather large bear while on a picnic with his family.
Tennessee bear steals snacks, drinks and allergy pills
As one couple and their friends were enjoying a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, the US, so was a black bear!
Poor countries to bear brunt of climate change
Many of the world's poorest countries are expected to experience daily heat extremes due to climate change sooner than wealthier nations ― according to research from an international team including the University of East Anglia.
Baffling blue-headed bear on roadside
A photographer on his drive home stopped at the side of a British Columbia road to take pictures of an unusual sight: a black bear with a blue head.
Chocolate overdose blamed for bear deaths
Wildlife officials in New Hampshire are considering a ban on using chocolate as bear bait after the confection was blamed for the deaths of at least four bears.
Why ordinary people bear economic risks and Donald Trump doesn’t
Thirty years ago, on its opening day in 1984, Donald Trump stood in a dark topcoat on the casino floor at Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza, celebrating his new investment as the finest building in Atlantic City and possibly the nation.

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