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'We're in unprecedented waters,' says California firefighter
This year's ferocious wildfires on the US West Coast are taking a heavy toll on exhausted firefighters who see no end in sight to the blazes, with the coronavirus pandemic adding another layer of risk.
Three men walk into Indian jewelry store in masks, sanitize hands, rob it
Who said criminals and thieves are not scared of COVID-19? Today, three robbers made sure they wore their face masks, and sanitized their hands, before pulling out their guns to rob a jewelry store in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
California teen learns to drive while escaping wildfire
Fourteen-year-old Ruben Navarrete learned how to drive the hard way — heading down a steep narrow road at night with giant flames leaping behind him.
California sets record as wildfires torch more than two million acres this year
Intense heat, parched conditions and high winds fueled record-shattering wildfires and strained the electrical grid across much of California on Monday, forcing the Forest Service to close eight national forests.
California governor declares state of emergency in five counties due to fire
California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in five counties due to wildfires.
Why does California have so many wildfires?
Again, California is aflame.
California requests support from Australia, Canada to fight hundreds of bushfires
The governor of California has requested assistance from Australia and Canada to fight the nearly 560 blazes ravaging across the US state.
California wildfires some of largest in state history
Lightning-sparked wildfires in Northern California exploded in size Friday to become some of the largest in the western US state history, forcing thousands to flee and destroying hundreds of homes and other structures as reinforcements began arriving to help weary firefighters.
29 wildfires raging across California amid heatwave
One of the hottest air temperatures recorded anywhere on the planet in at least a century, and possibly ever, was reached on Sunday afternoon at Death Valley in California’s Mojave Desert where it soared to 130°F (54.4°C).
California to release about 8,000 prisoners to ease virus spread
California plans to release roughly 8,000 non-violent offenders from state prisons, seeking to relieve pressure on a chronically overcrowded correctional system that’s now struggling with a spike in coronavirus cases.
California police seeking woman who intentionally coughed on toddler after argument with mother
Police in California are looking for a woman who was seen on surveillance footage appearing to deliberately cough in the face of a one-year-old baby after an argument with the child’s mother.
California woman hits bear with laptop after being attacked in her sleep
A Southern California teen had a rude awakening when an outdoor nap turned into a bear attack. She survived by fighting the bear off with her only weapon — a laptop.
Five-year-old pulled over in US while driving to California
A police officer in the Western US State of Utah was stunned after stopping what he thought was an impaired driver on a highway only to find a five-year-old behind the wheel.
Drivers grabbing face masks from road cause highway traffic jam
Police in California said traffic on a busy stretch of highway came to a halt when people got out of their vehicles to retrieve medical face masks littering the roadway.
ٖCalifornia artist paints murals to brighten streets amid coronavirus outbreak
As Ruben Rojas drove past a boarded-up caffe in his Santa Monica, California neighborhood, he knew he had to do something.

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