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Penicillin allergy increases risk for use of less-effective antibiotics
People allergic to penicillin are nearly twice as likely to receive a less effective antibiotic during hospitalization, with more side effects, than those who are not allergic to the drug, an analysis published by JAMA Internal Medicine found.
Penicillin allergy less common than thought, study says
Millions of Americans think they're allergic to penicillin, but they're not, a new study reveals.
Iran sole producer of Penicillin G in Mideast
Managing director of Shifa Pharmed Industrial Group which is affiliated to Imam Khomeini (RA) Executive Headquarters said the Islamic Republic is now the only producer of Penicillin G in the Middle East.
Penicillin tactics revealed
Penicillin, the wonder drug discovered in 1928, works in ways that are still mysterious almost a century later. One of the oldest and most widely used antibiotics, it attacks enzymes that build the bacterial cell wall, a mesh that surrounds the bacterial membrane and gives the cells their integrity and shape. Once that wall is breached, bacteria die, allowing us to recover from infection.

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