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Iran determined to interact with world to protect rule of law: Rabiei
Iran’s government spokesman reaffirmed Tehran’s determination to work with all countries and international organizations to protect the rule of law against the US government’s threats and law-breaking.
Iran warns US to end illegal behaviors
Spokesman of the Iranian government Ali Rabiei said that the US “must stop its illegal and unacceptable behavior before it is too late.”
Rabiei: A region free of violence benefits all
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei said a region free of violence and oppression is in the interest of all the regional countries, stressing that it’s up to them to decide if they want to be in a tense region or not.
Iran, Syria at same front in fight against terrorism: Rabiei
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that a military cooperation agreement recently signed between Iran and Syria demonstrates that the two countries are at the same front in the fight against terrorism.
Iran urges Europeans not to continue policy of appeasement of US
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei urged European countries not to continue the policy of appeasement of the United States because Washington’s demands know no boundaries.
Rabiei hails cabinet approval of roadmap for Iran-China ties
The Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei described the approval of the final draft of the 25-year roadmap for Iran-China strategic relations as great progress in deepening relations between the two countries.
Iran warns against politicization of IAEA reports under American, Israeli influence
Government’s spokesman Ali Rabiei criticized the politicization of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s reports on Iran’s nuclear activities under the influence of the United States and the Israeli regime, reiterating that the Islamic Republic carries out a peaceful transparent nuclear program.
Official: Iran may have to reimpose tough virus controls
Iran warned Monday it may have to reimpose tough measures against the novel coronavirus to ensure social distancing, as it reported more than 100 deaths for a second straight day.
Iran marches forward in curbing coronavirus: Gov’t spokesman
Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday said Iran has passed the management and control phase of the novel coronavirus and is now in the phase of curbing the spread of COVID-19.
Iran defends trade relations with Venezuela
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei defended Tehran’s trade relations with Caracas, saying that the issue has nothing to do with anyone else.
Gov't spokesman slams US ‘inhuman’ sanctions on Iran
On the occasion of the Washington’s unilateral pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei expressed outrage at US "inhuman" sanctions on Iran which have claimed the lives of Iranian citizens in recent years.
Rabiei underlines technological development as Iran’s ‘inalienable right’
Government spokesman Ali Rabiei underlined that Iran considers civilian and military technological development as its “inalienable” right that cannot be compromised”, saying that the US threats and accusations will not affect his country’s will to continue its path.
Gov’t spokesman: Coronavirus reveals reality of US sanctions
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Saturday that coronavirus pandemic disclosed the reality of the US sanctions and removed the anti-terrorism mask off its face.
Gov’t spokesman: Iran may postpone runoff parliamentary elections over coronavirus outbreak
Iran’s government spokesperson has raised the possibility of postponing a runoff vote for the parliamentary seats until summer because of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.
British tanker geared up for release: Iran
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday that legal steps had been made towards the release of the detained British-flagged tanker Stena Impero which is now ‘free to leave,’ IRNA reported.

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