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Blood test for 50 types of cancer to be trialed by NHS
A blood test designed to detect more than 50 types of cancer at an early stage will be trialed by the UK National Health Service (NHS).
Blood vessel growth in muscle is reduced in women after menopause
A new study from the Denmark’s University of Copenhagen's (UCPH) Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports demonstrates that formation of small blood vessels is impaired in the muscle tissue of postmenopausal women. The study's findings highlight the importance of physical activity for women prior to and during menopause, as a means to prevent the development of disease later in life.
Blood pressure meds can affect COVID-19 care
People with high blood pressure tend to fare worse when infected with COVID-19, and the chronic condition can complicate their treatment in unexpected ways, new research shows.
Major trial uses blood test to match women with breast cancer to precision treatments
A blood test that can identify a variety of mutations in advanced breast cancer can reliably match women to effective targeted treatments, early results of a major clinical trial reveal.
Does your tongue look like this? Unusual warning sign of high blood sugar
Type 2 diabetes affects a person's whole body with a variety of warning signs indicating blood sugar levels are dangerously high. According to Chinese medicine, the tongue holds many clues to one's health and if noticing your tongue looking this way, it could be an early warning sign.
Plant-based diets shown to lower blood pressure even with limited meat, dairy
Consuming a plant-based diet can lower blood pressure even if small amounts of meat and dairy are consumed too, according to new research from the University of Warwick.
Expert recommends supplement to balance blood sugar levels
Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to naturally balance blood sugar levels. Instead, high blood sugar levels can cause serious damage to the body. To help combat this ill effect, try one supplement known to help diabetics.
Re-purposed drugs could reverse blood vessel damage in diabetes
Drugs that were developed to treat Alzheimer's Disease could be re-purposed to prevent — or even reverse — the damage done to the blood vessels in people who are obese or suffer from type 2 diabetes, according to new research.
Iran ranks second in plasma therapy: IBTO
The CEO of the Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) said that Iran is ranked as the second country for conducting the Convalescent Plasma Therapy plan after China and followed by the US.
Blood clots targeted in coronavirus treatment trial
Scientists are to test whether an experimental drug can prevent potentially deadly blood clots associated with COVID-19.
On World Blood Donor Day, health experts call for promoting safe blood donation
On World Blood Donor Day, health experts and patient advocacy groups espoused for promoting blood donation and stressed on its safety aspect in view of paucity of blood amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Blood pressure meds help the frail elderly live longer
Blood pressure drugs help even the most frail elderly live longer, and older people who are healthier get the biggest benefit, Italian researchers say.
Alzheimer’s: Copper transport in blood provides fresh clues
Faulty regulation of copper levels in tissues plays a major role in a wide range of illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and motor neuron disease. An investigation of molecules that carry copper in the bloodstream has provided new leads for diagnosis and treatment.
Teens can donate blood, but may need iron supplements after
Teens who donate blood are at significant risk for long-term iron deficiency, a new study warns.
Blood pressure drugs linked to lower COVID-19 mortality: Study
Widely used drugs to control high blood pressure may help protect against severe COVID-19, a new study found, allaying concerns that they could make the illness caused by the coronavirus worse.

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