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Unraveling mother to baby transmission of Zika virus
Zika virus is a mild infection for most people but it can be dangerous during pregnancy, causing infants to be born with abnormally small heads (microcephaly) and other congenital malformations.
Palestinian man scales hospital wall to bid final goodbye to his mother
The story of a devoted son who scaled a high wall and sat by his mother's window to bid her farewell is breaking hearts on social media.
California police seeking woman who intentionally coughed on toddler after argument with mother
Police in California are looking for a woman who was seen on surveillance footage appearing to deliberately cough in the face of a one-year-old baby after an argument with the child’s mother.
Pennsylvania nurse redeployed to work with mother, grandmother amid pandemic
Just a few months into her new job as a nurse, Paige Wichurowski was one of hundreds of employees at a central Pennsylvania hospital system redeployed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She ended up closer to home than she could have realized.
21-year-old man arrested in England over killing of mother, daughter
A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering a mother and daughter who were stabbed to death in Solihull in the West Midlands of England.
Rouhani: Peace with Iran mother of all peace, war mother of all wars
President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday the United States should know that peace with Iran will be the mother of all peace while war with it will be the mother of all wars.
US 'mother of all bombs' kills dozens in Afghanistan
As many as 36 suspected Daesh terrorists were killed in Afghanistan when the United States dropped "the mother of all bombs," one of the largest non-nuclear devices ever unleashed in combat, the Afghan Defense Ministry said on Friday.
Overweight mothers underestimate  their children’s weight
It’s not the case that overweight parents always bring up overweight children, but it’s also not uncommon.
Lack of nursery school spots still widespread in Japan
A year since a blog post by an anonymous Japanese mother struggling to find a nursery school drew national attention, parents are still having difficulties finding facilities for young children.
Mother's blood pressure may predict sex of baby
The sex of a baby may be predicted by the mother's blood pressure, according to a new study which found that women with lower blood pressure before pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a girl.
Does mother know her child the best?
New research shows that mental problems affect the mother's judgment and that dad is just as good as mum at evaluating the child's scholastic and social skills. This is important to consider in e.g. parental rights cases, claim the researchers behind the study.
US mother kills her three young sons in Arizona: Police
A community in the US state of Arizona is in grief after a mother killed her three young sons before stabbing and seriously wounding herself.
Mother, baby, pastor shot in Alabama church
A man has opened fire in a church in the US state of Alabama, wounding a woman, her baby son and the pastor before he was disarmed, police say.

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