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US pressure campaign against Iran ‘example of state terrorism’: Envoy to UN
The Iranian envoy to the United Nations (UN) lambasted the so-called US maximum pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic as an “example of state terrorism” aimed at creating suffering and social unrest in the country.
Blood pressure meds can affect COVID-19 care
People with high blood pressure tend to fare worse when infected with COVID-19, and the chronic condition can complicate their treatment in unexpected ways, new research shows.
Mali junta to hold transition talks as pressure mounts
Mali's junta, which seized power two weeks ago, will hold transition talks with political parties and civil society groups this weekend following mounting pressure for a quick handover to civilian rule.
Working men with higher incomes are more likely to develop high blood pressure
Working men with higher incomes are more likely to develop high blood pressure, reported a study presented at the 84th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS 2020).
Rouhani: Iran to overcome current economic situation
President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the country is able to overcome the current economic situation caused by the pressure exerted by the United States and coronavirus outbreak.
High blood pressure increasingly deadly for black people
Cardiovascular deaths related to high blood pressure, often called a silent killer, continued to rise over the last two decades, according to new research, which showed stark health inequities.
Pulse pressure: A game changer in the fight against dementia
A recent paper published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, outlines a pulse-pressure-induced pathway of cognitive decline that sheds light on why previous treatments for dementia may have failed and proposes promising new directions for the prevention and treatment of dementia.
Blood pressure meds help the frail elderly live longer
Blood pressure drugs help even the most frail elderly live longer, and older people who are healthier get the biggest benefit, Italian researchers say.
Blood pressure drugs linked to lower COVID-19 mortality: Study
Widely used drugs to control high blood pressure may help protect against severe COVID-19, a new study found, allaying concerns that they could make the illness caused by the coronavirus worse.
High blood pressure may affect more pregnant women than thought: Study
Twice as many women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy may be at an increased risk for heart and kidney disease than once thought, a new study suggested.
With pressure growing, global race for a vaccine intensifies
Four months after a mysterious new virus began its deadly march around the globe, the search for a vaccine has taken on an intensity never before seen in medical research, with huge implications for public health, the world economy and politics.
Spain revokes Iran’s airline landing rights under US pressure
The Spanish government has revoked the landing rights of Iran’s Mahan Air, apparently under US pressure which has intensified amid the coronavirus.
Faster cognitive decline in black people linked to high blood pressure
Black people experience significantly faster declines in cognitive function than white people, perhaps because of higher blood pressure, a new analysis suggested.
Rouhani: Sanctions failed to pressure Iran into giving in to US excessive demands
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said US sanctions and pressures have failed to force the Iranian nation to give in to Washington’s excessive demands.

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