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Ex-diplomat: JCPOA of importance for all over globe
Ex-diplomat: JCPOA of importance for all over globe
Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Sirous Nasseri said the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is of significance for the whole world.

 he said despite efforts by those who oppose the document and try to stop its implementation, it is of such prime importance for the world that it urges the settlement of Iran’s past activities in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), IRNA reported.

He referred to the endorsement of the document by the Iranian parliament and the Guardians Council as a very important decision.

Saying that the process of implementation starts on October 18, he noted that as the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the members of the Iranian nuclear negotiations team have already announced, the document has to enter the execution phase in 45 days.

During the period, he said, the other sides will have to work on the issues pertaining to the anti-Iran accusations in the past with the objective of finally removing them.

He said as the remarks of the officials of the International Atomic Energy Organization indicate, Iran could well expect that the implementation process of the document will move towards final settlement of the issue.

He further said that the six world powers involved in nuclear talks with Iran especially the US and China have to work on developing a proper plan for Arak reactor so that Iran could sign an agreement with them.

Within the same period, the expert went on to stress, the US and European countries are to transform their domestic regulations to adapt them with the process of removal of sanctions against Iran.

As for a future report by the IAEA chief about Iran’s nuclear issue, he said international nuclear watchdog body seems to be moving in a direction which will ultimately lead to the final decision of clearing Iran of all accusations.

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