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Russia: Iran’s nuclear capacity 'absolutely legitimate'
Russia: Iran’s nuclear capacity 'absolutely legitimate'
Russia's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna said Iran’s nuclear capacity is “absolutely legitimate” as it fits within the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

These opportunities and capabilities are absolutely legitimate as a long as they are used for peaceful purposes,” Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted.

The duty of IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) is to certify non-diversion of nuclear materials,” he added. He was apparently referring to the United Nations nuclear agencys repeated verification of non-diversion of Irans nuclear energy program, Press TV wrote.

The envoy made the assertions in response to a tweet by Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democraciespolicy institute that has been identified as part of the Israeli lobby in the United States, and works hard to promote Washingtons policies against certain countries, including Russia and Iran.

In that tweet, Dubowitz had criticized what he called the atomic capability” given to Iran under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a 2015 nuclear agreement between the Islamic Republic and world countries.

Ulyanov, however, asserted, The atomic opportunities were given to Iran by #NPT.” He added that those who disagree with the nature of the IAEAs duty being verification of various nuclear programsnon-diversion work against NPT.”

The United States left the JCPOA in 2018, despite the fact that the agreement has been ratified by the UN Security Council as its Resolution 2231.

Ever since, Washington has been ceaselessly trying to undermine the deal. Washington has also been threatening other JCPOA signatories into forsaking their duties under the accord.


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