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Iran resumes electricity exports to Afghanistan after hiatus
Iran resumes electricity exports to Afghanistan after hiatus
A spokesman of the Iranian Energy Ministry said electricity exports to neighboring Afghanistan has resumed following a brief halt caused by a suspected attack on transmission lines.

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi said that the short pause to electricity supply to Afghanistan had taken place earlier in the day because of an “incident” in the Afghan territory, Press TV reported.

“The repair personnel of this country immediately moved to fix the line and resolve the problem,” said Rajabi Mashhadi, adding, “Now the network linking the two countries is connected and there is no specific problem.”

Fars News Agency had said earlier that Iran’s supply of electricity to Afghanistan stopped early in the morning on Monday after a “bullet” was fired toward the transmission lines in a location between the cities of Herat and Islam Qala, near the border with Iran.

The report cited a local energy official in Herat as saying that the incident had caused a 50 percent decrease in the supply of electricity from Iran to the region.

There was no information about who might have carried out the attack on transmission lines, nor was there any claim of responsibility from any group.

The province of Herat receives the bulk of its household electricity from Iran and Turkmenistan. The Afghan governorate also relies on power imported from Iran for about half of the energy consumed in a key industrial town near the provincial capital of Herat.


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