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Defense minister: Tehran ready to send medical personnel, equipment to Lebanon
Defense minister: Tehran ready to send medical personnel, equipment to Lebanon
Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami in a telephone call with his Lebanese counterpart Zeina Akar expressed Tehran's readiness to dispatch healthcare professionals and medical equipment to Lebanon.

He extended sympathy of the Iranian Armed Forces and nation to the people and armed forces of Lebanon, noting that the aid cargo, including a mobile hospital, is ready to be shipped to Lebanon, IRNA reported.

A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on August 4 leaving a very large number of casualties.

A warehouse at the Beirut Port caught fire on Tuesday afternoon, triggering a huge explosion, Lebanon’s official National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Several smaller explosions were heard before the bigger one occurred.

According to Abbas Ibrahim, head of Lebanon’s General Security, “highly explosive materials” ammonium nitrate confiscated earlier had been stored at the site.

Footage shared on social media captured the moment of the bigger explosion, with columns of thick smoke billowing fast across several hundreds of meters and shrouding the area.

The tragedy has so far claimed at least 135 people and injured around 5,000, The Guardian reported.

Marwan Abboud, the governor of Beirut, described the disaster as “an apocalyptic situation” he estimated might have made 300,000 people temporarily homeless and would cost the country in excess of $3 billion.

The scale of the destruction was such that the Lebanese capital resembled the scene of an earthquake, with thousands of people left homeless and thousands more cramming into overwhelmed hospitals for treatment.

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